Friday, December 10, 2010

I hate you, sugar (by golly)

It's 8:36 and I am planning (in about 5 minutes) to curl up in bed and read my TOPS magazine and just chill out and go to sleep early.

I have been cleaning the house ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY because my in-laws were supposed to come visit us tonight.(They live about 3 hours away) Well, they didn't come. Or call. Finally, we called them and they said "yeah, we decided we'd just come sometime tomorrow instead". I'm sorry...but sometimes these people are really lacking in the common courtesy department.

So, I guess I have been stressing about that even though I keep telling myself that I really don't give a poot what they think about me or how clean my house is, or how goodwilly my furniture is or how educated my children are or.........or whatever.

Anyway...............I've been having visions of fudge :) LOL Seriously. I saw a store sign the other day that said "fudge" and ever since then, I have been like, yeah, that lusting kind of way. LOL

But there is very little junk in my house due to #1 I try to not keep junk in the house because I know how I am and #2 I'm broke. But today, I spent a dollar on a snack size cookie mix that made all of 12 itty bitty cookies...and I ate 4. The rest were quickly inhaled by my sugar starved family.

By tonight, my brain was once again chanting "fudge, fudge, fudge" and guess what I found back in the forgotten places of the fridge? I found a frosting container with TWO bites of chocolate frosting. No telling how old it was. Maybe I won't die. LOL

Anyway..............TOMORROW.........I will fork out the last little bit of money I have to buy some fiber one bars. Because they are that important. They keep me sane when I want sweets.

(Tuesday is payday.......I think I will stock up on these babies)

Ya know, as of last weigh-in, I am 109 pounds from goal. And I plan to reach goal by the end of 2011 so I can become the TOPS queen and attend IRD in California the summer of 2012. By golly. BY GOLLY! eerrr... I'M GOING TO DO THIS>>YOU HEAR ME??? (don't be offended by the yelling, I'm only yelling at MYSELF)

One year sounds like a long time. It's not.

I am going to have to tighten up even more. If I don't, I won't reach my goal and BY GOLLY (don't get started again, Amy).... Anyway, I'm going to. I AM DOING THIS.

Tomorrow's goals:
1. Buy fiber one bars and when I am craving JUNK, eat that instead.
2. Do twice as much exercise as I normally do, even if I have to do it in 2 sessions.
3. Consume 128 ounces of water. (I've never done this...but I CAN...and I'm going to prove it)

Thanks for reading :)

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  1. Just a side note...probably don't want to eat more than one of the Fiber 1 bars in a day.. my hubby found mine, and ate 3 in the course of a day...and was on the toilet the entire next day!!! It was terrible! :) Probably TMI :)