Saturday, December 18, 2010

eyebrows and sugar challenges

Well, I *finally* went to have my eyebrows done...and I wasn't all that impressed.(top pic is before, bottom pic is after) I mean, they look fine, but really not much different than what I sometimes do in my own bathroom with little scissors. But at least now I know what it's like to have them done. I wish I could have my chin waxed instead.. now THAT is a problem area. ugh! I am allergic to nair and the wax at home stuff I got before didn't work on me. I must have determined hair. Why am I say this to the world? LOL Moving right along....

Last Monday we had a no gain meeting! With 7 members weighing in, we had a loss of 14 point something pounds. I weighed 297.25 for a weekly loss of 1.75 pounds.

I tried to have a "sugar free" day twice last week. Both times, I ended up freaking out and eating a lot more sugar than I normally would. One night I went and bought a cookie mix and ate about 700 calories of cookies!(and boy I felt sick afterwards) No sugar challenges for me for a while! I don't handle them well! LOL


  1. I think your eyebrows look better than mine in both pictures :)
    Sorry the sugar challenge stressed you out but this weeks should be a breeze!

  2. Oy, the sugar demons. Sorry this is stressing you. But CONGRATULATIONS on getting below 300, that's fantastic work.

    I had two more Vitatops than planned for today. Not sure I can keep those in the house.

    Glad you commented on my blog, now I get to watch you get smaller!

  3. Nice place ya got here, Dollface! Thanks for showing me some blog-luvin'!

    WTH is it that makes us do the exact opposite of what we really mean to do?! I tell myself all the time, "I shouldn't eat a bite of my husbands pizza (or whatever) today. It's just 1 day, C., you can have a bite tomorrow." And then I'm OBSESSING over the stupid it's the last one on earth!? And I HAVE to have a bite...adn then maybe 2 bites (I might be my last chance to ever eat pizza, right?) *rollseyes* It's rediculous!

    Good Luck!

  4. Keep on smiling! Even when sugary disaster happen - like it did to me today. Just gotta move past it, that's all. :)

  5. I pluck a little bit every night while watching TV, and that way i never look "out of control". :) I do risk overplucking--I'm prone to that--but it's not like I have a lot of eyebrow.

    I'm also allergic to waxes/ I use the Panasonic groomer on my chin/upper lip/etc. It's a tiny wee electric shaver that runs on batteries. Works fine (not like super duper fine, but fine) and is less than 30 bucks (mine cost me like 19 bucks). Worth a shot?

    Note: You seem to have sugar issues. Read THE END OF OVEREATING. Trust me, it will open up your eyes and you will understand exactly why you do the sugar freaking. It's an eye-opener, and every person I've recommended it to has been impressed. It's the ONE book that helped me get past my years-long "stuck in the 270's" and I'm down to 238 now and still losing. Every sugar-lover/overeater needs to read it. It's a little dry going in (scientific and all), but after a few chapters you will be hooked and begin to understand in part exactly why we have issues and revert and binge, etc.

    Merry Christmas and wishing you a healthy 2011

  6. Your eyebrows look lovely to me. Don't waste money on that when you could be buying more cookies!

    Kidding about the cookies of course. I've read that some people have a "restrictor" mentality and others have an "allower" mentality when it comes to food. Myself, i don't work well with restrictions. Intuitive eating works for me :)