Sunday, January 25, 2015

out with a bang

Pre-planning seems to be vital for me. That, and NOT having junky trigger foods in my home. On the days these two things happen, I do well! I stick to the plan and put a star on my chart.

I can do this for several days in a row. Then one day is extremely busy or something and I go to bed without my plan. Or someone gives us something junky (mom is very bad about buying a sweet for the kids--quite often---and saying "It doesn't hurt for them to have a treat every once in a while!). And I'll quit blaming other people- sometimes it is just ME. Yesterday hubby casually said chocolate cake sounded good. I went to the store, bought supplies, made a cake and ate 1/4 of it before the day was over. I did not earn a sticker yesterday.

It is so frustrating to spend several days (I had 5 last week) on plan then do something stupid like eat 1/4 of a cake. I HAVE to stop this. I weigh every morning and when I'm on plan, I'm thrilled to see it whittle down each day. It got down to 282 this week. But then I have my stupid 1/4 cake spell and wake up to 287. I know I didn't literally gain 5 pounds overnight, but still, it is a reflection of poor (terrible) choices. I despise it.

And so, there are 6 days left in January. I can sit here and tell you I'm going to do such-and-such but you've heard me talk. I want you to see me DO. And so..........I'm going to make sure I'm accountable.

I'm making a list of "rules" for myself:
1.Preplan all food. No matter how tired, do NOT go to bed without the next day's food planned and in calorie range.
2.Stick to the plan! Eat what I planned and not make exceptions.
3.Drink like a fish. 100 ounces or more per day- water
4.Move--30 minutes per day (or more) of exercise (every day except Sunday)
5.Accountability-- blog each day and report in, both here and in my facebook group.

So.............................let's do this. I'm going to send January out with a bang! As long as I stick to these "out with a bang" rules, I will be proud. But honestly, I would LOVE to see a number in the 270's on Febrary 1st.


  1. I hate that 5 days on, 1 day off, gain 4 pounds overnight dance. :( I've done that for three years. Three. It's dieting all. of. the. time. with no results. Only those who have done that understand how frustrating it is...and how much effort is really put forth to get no results.

    Changing that routine for this year sounds like a really good idea! And your plan sounds like the way to get it done. So, yes, let's do this thing.


  2. Sounds like great goals - you can do this!