Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Out with a bang- Tuesday

*HUGE SIGH* I'm almost a day late on reporting in! I've had a crazy day...but I will tell about today tomorrow. For now, here's my TUESDAY report:

Eat what I had planned-- Almost. I had to leave the house in the afternoon (being a taxi for teens) and I wouldn't be back home until the afternoon.....and I was SUPPOSED to have a half cup ranch style beans and a fiber one bar. However, I forgot to buy fiber one bars and I didn't have time to sit and eat beans before I rushed out of the house--- I ended up driving through Braum's and getting a small frozen yogurt.

I stayed in calorie range.

I only got in about 70 ounces of water :(

I got in 20 minutes of exercise instead of 30.

I crashed in bed around 11:30 and did not have the next day's meals planned. I was just simply exhausted.

Tuesday's food:
1 cup Great Grains Cranberry Almond Cereal
3/4 cup bran flakes
1 ounce walnuts
1.5 cup skim milk

tuna sandwich on wheat with pickles, lettuce, spinach
1 boiled egg
2 chocolate covered peanut butter crackers

chicken spaghetti
1 slice garlic wheat toast
1 serving pumpkin flax granola

1 small frozen yogurt cone

Where are all of you and your reports? I know it is tough. Oh my---when you read today's report (tomorrow)--you are going to know that I know! Stuff tough happens! But the tough keep going. Let's keep going peeps. ((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))

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