Monday, January 26, 2015

Out with a bang- January- Sunday 1/25

My Sunday recap:
1. My food was preplanned. I stayed within calorie limits.
2. A couple of times I thought "I want to eat something other than what I planned" but I stuck with the plan! I realized that I crave sweets too much.
3. 100 ounces of water-- I did it. And pee'd a lot LOL
4. Today was my exercise rest day. And thank goodness. It's crazy that the "day of rest" is so crazy busy. I have family members who have to be early for church different things they participate in and for practices.
5. And now I'm reporting in.

I want to include what I ate:
1.5 cups bran flakes,half ounce almonds and 1 cup skim milk

Snack eaten in the church nursery when baby was being cranky (Yes, I packed a snack for this time. I knew it would happen.):
30 grams walnuts, 6 triscuits, 1 ounce cheddar cheese

6 inch Subway sandwich, including flatbread, ham, cheddar, spicy brown mustard, black olives, lettuce, spinach, green bell peppers, onions (way too many...I had breath issues the rest of the day), tomato, pickles

Early afternoon:
55 grams pumpkin flax granola
half cup black eyed peas

Right before evening service:
salad greens, 1 serving croutons, ranch dressing, 9 popcorn chicken
1 cup iced coffee

Monday morning, I weighed 284.8 (I am so tired of the 280's. I am so ready for a new, lower "decade" of numbers)