Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Out with a bang- Monday

1. Preplan my food for the next day-- yes. It was super late when I got home and got around to it (after 10 p.m.) and if I wasn't doing this challenge, I would have just gone to bed. BUT it helped me start today on the right foot, having my food planned!

2. Eat what is planned-- yes. It was hard, coming in late and the family eating frozen pizza and me NOT, but I stuck to the plan!

3. 100 ounces of water-- yes. I'm still adjusting to this and have to focus to make it happen, but I AM making it happen.

4. Exercise 30 minutes-- I wanted to drop the kids off to mom early and exercise BEFORE TOPS (this is my plan every Monday) but oh my word one thing after another and ended up dropping the kids off later than planned--- so, before TOPS I only got in a super fast 10 minute walk before the meeting. After the meeting, we had prayer meeting at church, then I had to go to Walmart (sigh). I did NOT want to do 20 minutes more of exercise when I got home (again, 10 something at night)..........BUT I DID (and that's what it is about-----doing what is right ANYWAY!)

5. Accountability-- yes.

And now, here's what ate (and yes, it was in calorie range):

1.5 cups bran flakes
1 cup skim milk
half an ounce almonds

half cup chicken flavored rice
1 can green beans (yes, the whole can but I shared with baby)
half cup corn
half cup black eyed peas
4 ounces boneless skinless chicken breast

1.1 ounces bear naked vanilla fit granola
red delicious apple
2T peanut butter

1 cup iced coffee

pb&j sandwich on wheat
half ounce walnuts
1 cup skim milk
2 eggs