Tuesday, November 8, 2011

7th week in a row :)

Yesterday's weigh-in gave me my 7th weekly weight loss in a row. It was tiny. I will take it anyway! I'm going to adjust my calories a bit and maybe change up my exercise and see if I can't make the scales show a larger loss this coming week.

Calorie change: dropping 250 more calories.

Exercise change/plan:
Tuesday: 45 minute walk while listening to my favorite exercise songs--jog on the chorus of every other song.
Wednesday: (rest day)
Thursday: Leslie Sansone dvd--3 miles
Friday: 3 mile walk with a tiny amount of jogging....at the track.
Saturday: pick whichever type I want as long as I get in 45 minutes of exercise or 3 miles of walking (We will be coming back from our anniversary trip on this day)
Sunday: 3 mile walk with some jogging....at the track.


  1. Leslie Sansone is great, I use her DVD's too.
    Well done on another loss :-)


  2. Congrats!!! And that is an awesome plan!!!

  3. All weight loss is good when we are trying to lose weight. Every ounce adds up.