Thursday, November 24, 2011

5K training reference

This is basically for my own reference, so feel free to ignore it. I want to be able to go back and see progress.

5K times:

Approx 11-18-11, 65 minutes. Jogged the home side bleachers on every lap except the first and last. Stopped once to fix my shoe.

Thanksgiving Day 2011, 55 minutes, 14 seconds. Jogged the visitor's side bleachers on every lap and jogged the home side bleachers on every lap except the first.

January 6, 2012, 1 hour and 3 minutes...for 2 reasons: #1 I haven't walked at the track in a long time and even though I've been doing the Leslie Sansone walk at home dvd, it isn't the same. So, I'm out of practice. (Let this be a good reminder to be consistent with track walking when the weather allows). Reason #2 is because there were other people there walking and I started out too quickly, trying to make myself look more fit than I am (run your OWN race, silly girl, not someone else's)and then at the 3/4 mile mark, my calves totally cramped up on me and I had to sit on the bleachers a LONG time. I started to go home. It hurt! So, that's why my time is so bad today.

March 1, 2012: 52 minutes and 53 seconds @ Shape Fitness (no jogging)

March 22, 2012: 48 minutes and 4 seconds (for 3 miles) or 50 minutes 4 seconds for 3.14 miles. I walked quite a bit at a peppy 4.2 mph and jogged at about 5 mph twice. @Shape Fitness

April 5, 2012: 51 minutes and 23 seconds @ Shape Fitness. I jogged twice but was having bra issues. I walked at 3.7 for the majority of it. Today was Ron's funeral. I didn't really "feel" like walking but I knew I would feel better if I did and I need to take advantage of all the gym times that I can. I also don't need to eat anything else today!

May 9, 2012: 47 minutes, 40 seconds. I was really pushing myself. I got up to 6 mph once. I jogged for about 35 seconds at a time. This was hard.

Nov. 1,2012...46 min, 16 seconds at shape fitness. It was the day of dad's first visit at the cancer center, so I had a lot of emotion in it and pr'd even though I haven't 5K'd in months.

***It's been a long time. I've had a baby. Let's do this AGAIN.****

May 31, 2014 45 minute mark= 2.25 miles. That is all I could do. I hadn't been to the gym in probably over a year.

June 7, 2014 45 minute mark= 2.30 I jogged a bit because I thought I wasn't going to get as good of time as last week.

5K on treadmill= 1hr, 1 min, 38 sec

June 2014 Founder's Day 5K- 53 min, 55 seconds

October 5, 2014- Spirit of Survival (284 pounds) 53 min, 10 sec

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