Saturday, October 8, 2011

Under 300 again

Just before I joined TOPS, I weighed 331. I was 327.25 the week I joined TOPS (almost 3 years ago). I lost to just under 300 in December of last year but consistency has been my major issue. I quit trying. I bounced back up to 312 or so.

Anyway..........this morning I am back under 300 (299.8) and I hope to never, never, never, never see 300 again.


  1. Congrats!!!!! Under 300 was HUGE for me. :) Keep up the great work.

  2. wooooohooooo thats awesome !!
    keep smiling. :-)


  3. AWESOME! I'm proud of you!! Great work!

  4. Congrats Amy! That is a big milestone!

  5. As someone who went over and under and over 300 pounds three times before I found my footing I am very excited for you reaching the 290s. Never forget what your top weight felt like. The minute I starting denying what I was doing to my body at that weight I started struggling. There is no reason I had to gain weight again except for my own ego getting in the way of my sanity.

    You are on your way in the right direction. Excellent work TopsLady!