Thursday, October 13, 2011

The boundary line that makes you bounce.

For me and many in our TOPS chapter, there is an invisible boundary line, a number on the scale, that we get down to from time to time but when we do, we bounce right back up. I really have two lines. The first one is 300. I have hit 300 I don't know how many times but 90% of the time, after I hit it, I bounce back up. A few months ago, I hit 300 and then bounced all the way back up to 313 or so! BOUNCING IS NOT FUN.

I guess 300 is my smaller bouncer boundary but my humungo bouncer number is 296. I don't think I have been below 296 since we moved here 4 and a half years ago(February 2007). I have touched 296 before (last April, near my birthday)then boing boing boing.

Do you know how you STOP all the bouncing junk? You ~*BREAK THROUGH*~ and then you ~*KEEP GOING*~ I wish I could write this next word in super, mega-big letters:


I was 298.9 this morning. I'm ready to break the boundary into tiny little shreds. It won't happen by giving myself some slack. It will happen with WORK. Some people dream of great things. Others get up in the mornings and make them happen.

*Stick with it* EVERY. single. minute.

Come on, get sticky with me. :)


  1. I bounced (shattered) so many barriers in keeping the pounds off I was flabbergasted to be stuck in the 160s. But here I remain, still working to get below 160, one ounce at a time. I am shooting for it being my Christmas gift to myself this year. Consistency is my motto!

    Okay, it is one of my mottos. I am compulsive about eating why not also be compulsive about mottos. I have lots!


  2. I really related to this! My first Bounce number was 400. A few years ago I FINALLY crossed it for the last time. Then I did the bounce thing trying to cross 350, and make it stick.

    Now, it's the same frustrating thing trying to get out of the 330's! Ack! I sooo know what you mean about consistency. It's been my theme all year! I feel like tattooing it on my forehead, LOL!!

    Like Jane, I am making a Christmas present to myself... to finally get PAST the 330's this year, once and for all.

    Yep... I'm getting sticky with you. :-)