Tuesday, October 18, 2011

the big jean skirt & the cutie jean skirt

I'm just *thrilled* with the way I'm losing. It makes me want to do more to promote more weight loss! What energy comes from success and happiness! :)

My jean skirt can now be taken off without even unbuttoning it! It's way too big and just kind of hanging on me. A week or so ago, I put a new jean skirt in lay-a-way. It was more expensive than I usually spend on a jean skirt ($40) but it is SOOOoo cute and I thought "hey...hubby spends $48 per month on the gym for him for his health. I can spend $40 per month on me if I am losing weight too. But I didn't have $40 LOL so in lay-a-way it went and I hope to get it out within a week. But now I'm wondering if I should have put the next size down in lay-a-way and I'm hoping when I get it out, they will still have whatever size I need, so I can exchange it if need be.

Wow........losing weight is fun :)


  1. I'll have to post pics after I get it out of lay-a-way :)

  2. I can't figure out how to get my name on here as a comment so I finally clicked anonymous but just wanted to say I found your blog yesterday and really have been enjoying reading. I love the pictures and wish you the best. I am in a big struggle with weight and I am not winning the war so I am looking for inspiration. Congrats on how far you have come so for and I am glad you picked out a cute skirt for yourself. Looking forward to following your journey.

  3. yes....please do

    ....and keep smiling :-)


  4. The used clothing store is an awesome source of clothes as you change sizes. Even consignment shops can help (although they tend to cost more). I belong to a group where we get together several times a year and there is a clothing exchange. Some times I get jackets, dresses, skirt and plants and sometimes I only get a sweater or two shirts but I always save money because each item is less than $2.00 and the $ goes to support a cause I believe in.