Monday, August 29, 2011

Your opinion, please. (Flood me with comments please!)

Why do people (in general), STRUGGLE with overcoming obesity so much?

Seriously, I want your opinion.

Let's take a random person who is approximately 125 pounds overweight.

They KNOW how many calories it takes to lose the weight. They KNOW they should eat protein and veggies and drink their water and exercise and journal and never go over their calories and that the pounds will melt away as they do these things.

They know they have to keep a positive mental focus in order to stay on track.

They preach a good message.

Yet, they have trouble practicing what they preach. They feel tired all the time (no matter how much rest OR exercise they get). And when they are tired, they feel like "I don't care--I need carbs" and they eat peanut butter and syrup and go no telling how much over their calorie limit.

Someone says "It isn't important enough to them." and yet, the person DOES feel like it is important to them or otherwise they wouldn't still be putting forth all the work they do for the TOPS group.

How do you build up your willpower? How do you gain energy and determination? How do you make it a priority? How?

I'm just pouring my brain out here because tonight is weigh in, I'm the leader and I feel like I probably haven't lost an ounce this week. (hypocrite!)

I'm planning to give everyone a short article I read online about energy boosters, and then instead of having a full meeting, I'm going to tell each member that we are letting out early BUT.............that before they go home they have to go for a walk, even if it is just 10 minutes at the mall (because I can already hear the "it's too hot" excuse--it is about 110* here).

So.............yeah. Comment me! :P


  1. I think you just have to do it. I don't always want to take a shower, but I do it. I don't always want to brush my teeth, but I do it. If you really, really want do it. If you don't do it, you have to ask why? Am I scared of the person I could become if I lost the weight. Am I scared that I would lose my identity (the big girl) if I did it. If you want it bad enough you do it. (period)

  2. ...I just commented on a later post of yours, and realized I didn't "introduce" myself. I found your blog via SkinnyHollie. (I love weight loss blogs!) I started (again) about a year ago on my weight loss journey--303 pounds. Today I weighed in at 189. Goal is 130. At any rate, what I have to do is just make it a big part of my life. I am the most successful when I can read others' success stories--or even just journey stories. Because having the courage to even begin the journey is a success. It doesn't matter what "diet" or "plan" someone is on, or if I want to do what they're doing, it's just encouraging and motivating to know that you're not alone, and to also see that plenty of people started where I started and were able to finish the journey I want to finish. That's why I went searching out weight loss blogs last week and found Hollie's.

    Something else that has really helped me this time has been watching some food documentaries on Netflix streaming. I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, and then Foot Matters. I can truthfully say that both of those changed my life forever. I think all that information is stuff I never wanted to know because I really didn't want to change the way I eat. But I watched, I learned, and I changed. Of course, I'm at the very beginning of my new changes, so I can't profess to have mastered it. But I am really liking the changes, and I think I will really be able to stick to them for life.

    I also think we have such a hard time conquering the huge obesity beast because we are addicted to food. Honestly. It's like an alcoholic wondering how other people can go day to day and not get drunk off their butt. They know what to do, and if they do drink they know when to stop at an appropriate amount, and yet the alcoholic can't ever do that. It's like they need more, and even when they know it's time to stop, it's too hard.

    I dunno...anyway, sorry for the novel. =J Nice to "meet" you.