Monday, August 29, 2011


P.S. Some of you may have remembered that I am in the midst of a 118 day "fast" from soda, dessert and fast food. That is still going well. However, it hasn't really done anything for the scale--I guess I've made up for it by eating too much other stuff. :/

Also, I read a new person's blog and I saw where they took a pic of each meal and posted it. If I have any readers who read at the very beginning, they will remember that I once did that. I may go back to that. It did at least make me accountable. We will see.

As I have been googling and blog hopping, I have found MANY awesome weight loss blogs in which someone has over a hundred pounds to lose, they blog and sound all positive, and then they just disappear. That makes me think they failed and are ashamed to admit it.


I want to be that blogger lady who FINALLY got it right. I want to be Oklahoma TOPS queen and ride in our local parade on the back of a convertible. yeah. I WANT IT.


  1. Right there with you. I have been following some that have just vanished. Or they aven't really lost any weight so it becomes less motivational to read them. GL