Saturday, August 20, 2011


I am feeling a little bit stronger each day.

I am getting healthier each day.

I eat within approved calorie limits and I feel content within those limits.

Each day, I am able to exercise with more vigor than the day before.

I am making healthy choices.

I enjoy exercise and the energy and "feel good" chemicals it releases into my system.

With each day, I gain more energy.

I am adding days to my life.

I am beautiful and my beauty is becoming more evident each day.

I am succeeding in my goal to weigh 289 or less at the next TOPS fun day, September 24th.

Through the power of God working in me, I am changing my life for the better.

My marriage is blessed in all areas.

My children are blessed in all areas.

I am full of peace and joy.

(I printed these and am putting them in a frame beside my bed.)

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  1. This is wonderful and will be a great reminder on your night stand. new follower!