Tuesday, August 30, 2011

4 hours left and today will have been a success!

I have found that I usually blog when I am down :(

However, today I am up...so... let's blog. :)

I have journaled all of my food, water and exercise today. We will be eating supper in about 20 minutes and I have written down exactly what I will eat. I also have room for a pb&j sandwich this evening (I reserved the calories for that earlier in the day so I will feel "rewarded" this evening for not going over!). yeah.

I'm on my 4th bottle of water.

I went to bed at 9:40 last night (that's super early for me because I am a night owl) and set my alarm for 20 minutes early this morning (planning to do that every day this week) and I went for a walk FIRST THING this morning. It has made a difference in my energy level. Yay.

Here's to a good day. \_/ cheers! ;) (water bottles clink together)

p.s. I really need to start adding pictures to my posts. It takes more time but I always enjoy reading blogs that have a lot of pictures.

Thanks for reading!

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