Monday, August 15, 2011

Have you ever said "I will be PERFECT?" and then didn't do ANYTHING right?

I stole this idea from a fellow blogger, but the sticky notes are each pound I have to lose before goal. They are on my bathroom mirror and I will remove them as I lose them :) We have area fun day near the end of September and I would LOVE to be 289 or less by then. That's my short term goal. I know that some of the stickers are really in the middle, in the way... those are the stickers of weight I have gained since I have moved to Oklahoma. After those are gone, I will be back down to 280ish, which is where I was most of my 20's, when we lived in Alabama.

We started something new at TOPS last week. We have a can with a lid and it is the "I CAN" can. :) We each get a piece of paper and write on it what we CAN do the coming week that will help us to develop healthy habits. Then we put it in the can and the lid we close it with says "I WILL". The next week, we take them out and read them. If we DID the thing, we get cheered and our paper goes on a posterboard that says "I DID". If we didn't do it, well, we feel like a toad and we tear up our paper and say "THIS WEEK I will do better!".

WEll........................I should have written something simple. Especially since I have been basically OFF plan (except for a few spurts here and there) for a long while. But no... I pretty much say I can be perfect in all areas LOL. I said I would journal every day, never go over my calories, exercise x amount of time, yada yada yada. And like the 2nd day, I failed and said "Well, I flopped. I give up.".

And SOooooooooooooooooooo THIS WEEK (tonight) I plan to pick ONE thing to work on instead of saying I will be perfect. goodness.

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  1. I really like this idea! Thanks for sharing it! :D