Monday, November 3, 2014

low cal cuz you're broke

It suddenly got easy to stay in my calorie range. We have entered the "2 days before payday" time frame, which means eat what there is..........and honey, there isn't much! It's hard to overeat on a can of peas! ;) But I'm not complaining. We are making it.

The baby didn't understand that time time changed........and so he woke crazy early. So I sit here at 9:20 p.m., feeling like it is after midnight! Very soon after I finish this blog, I'm hitting the hay!

I called today to confirm that all my insurance stuff was squared away for Wednesday night's sleep study---and they said it is! Eeek! This is really happening! I will be so glad to get my rest situation fixed. My doctor feels like that is where a LOT of my problems stem from---and I'm betting she is right!

Hubby wasn't excited about working all day, then having baby duty during the night while I'm at sleep study (baby does wake quite a bit), then get up and leave for work at 6:15 the next morning. I know he was just speaking his feelings but I wanted so bad to scream "Do you realize that is exactly what I have done for the past 7 months???!!!" I don't have to leave for a job (I'm a homeschool mom) but my goodness, do I ever work. He wasn't picking a fight. I just took it that way ;)

Exercise: 15 minute Leslie Sansone dvd (I'm challenging myself to exercise 15 minutes or more each day for the remainder of the month)

F&V: 4 servings

Water: 40ish ounces

Calories: within range


  1. I did my sleep study at home, which I think can be more accurate because it is your normal sleeping environment (but I guess being woken frequently by a baby would throw off the numbers). They gave me the equipment and showed me how to use it; I had the main bit strapped around my chest plus about seven electrodes stuck on everywhere and motion sensors too to see if I thrashed around. Very weird. And now my actual CPAP machine has a chip in it that records all the information every night so they can study it on follow-up visits to see how I'm doing.

    Good luck! Maybe you'll get a good night's sleep for once.

  2. You should have told him instead of keeping it in. My husband and I always alternated nights with our little ones. His job for pay ended at 5, but his job as a parent was 24/7! If he had complained about it, I probably would have left for a few days. Let him figure that one out, LOL.

  3. Good luck with the sleep study Amy. Hubby will live :)