Wednesday, January 11, 2012

NEVER give me a pain pill.

I had a tooth pulled yesterday morning and didn't pick up my prescription pain meds. By the time hubby got home from work and fed me my mashed potatoes & gravy, I was in pain. He had picked up my pain meds and he gave me one--Lortab.

I got up and read facebook and even posted that I was starting to feel a little dizzy, but it wasn't a major dizzy. I just knew I probably needed to go to bed soon.........

.........I got up to go to the kitchen for something and had to sit down at the table. Hubby was washing dishes and we were talking when suddenly (and I mean BAM like a slap in the face, totally unexpected) I had severe anxiety, felt like I couldn't breath and that my heart was racing and I broke out in a cold sweat.....

....I remember slumping down in the chair because I felt like I couldn't even sit up right. Then things were spinning like faster than being on a tilt-a-whirl. I couldn't see. I knew I was going to pass out.......

Hubby later told me that I was looking around like crazy and that he was patting me on the cheek and holding my head upright and saying "Are you ok? Are you ok?" I don't remember that at all.

I threw up too.... and that is just something I don't do. Even through 3 pregnancies and morning sickness and everything I didn't vomit. I've thrown up maybe 10 times in my life. TMI, I know...

He said he was going to help me get to the bed and I think I stood up, leaning over on him and he was going to try to walk me at least to the couch in the next room..........

‎........but I passed out. (The only other time in my life I have passed out was when I was a kid and I fractured my arm)

...I passed out and I'm sure my hubby was glad I'd lost 46 pounds as he helped me down to the ground LOL I'm still too heavy for him to just pick up and carry to the couch but he did get me down to the ground without injuring myself I didn't remember even standing up but it was like I was asleep and I woke up on the kitchen floor in my hubby's arms and my kids all in my face scared.....

he wanted to get me to the bed but I knew I should not stand up so he helped me CRAWL (so messed up I had to have help crawling! that is sad!) to the bed and he told me to NOT get out of bed without telling him!

.....and I slept like a rock. This morning I'm still weak and a bit dizzy...I'm taking it slow. But it is nothing compared to yesterday! wow! I don't plan to EVER take another pill like that one!

I'll be glad for this pill to be completely out of my system. Tomorrow night we have our TOPS walk.

I looked it up online and I had all the symptoms of an overdose--but I only took one pill.



  1. Wow! That sound like quite the ordeal. I am sensitive to pain meds too but never like that.

  2. That's scary. Hope you are feeling better..

  3. Wow! So glad your ok and feeling better, those were some mighty strong pain meds!