Thursday, January 19, 2012

50 pound pics

A friend made this for me. I prefer that it would say "In progress" or "After 50 pounds lost" instead of just "after" because I still have 91 pounds to goal. Nevertheless, this is what a 50 pound loss changed. I'm happy with it. :)

Now........................I need to work on time management because I'm struggling with everything I need to do around here and errands and TOPS responsibilities and getting my workout in. My house looks HORRID.

I think step one is LESS TIME ONLINE! ta-ta thanks for reading!


  1. You're looking wonderful Amy I'm so proud of you.

  2. What great progres! It's really important to do progress pictures so that you can see the difference. Congrats!!!!

  3. Yay! You can totally tell the difference in your body but also your pretty smile! :-D

  4. You look so good! Way to go on making the 50 pound milestone, it always seems the hardest to keep the motivation and the weight off.