Thursday, January 26, 2012

Being 100% even in stress.

I declared this week "100% on plan" week and am really focusing on staying on plan. (for me, this means eating in calorie range, 5 or more fruits and/or veggies per day, 45 minutes of exercise every day except Wednesday and 132 ounces of water daily). So far so good!

Tomorrow I go out of town for the a homeschool mom's retreat and I am SO READY. Today I'm packing my water and healthy snacks so I can stay on plan while there!

Hubby goes to the dentist this afternoon. His teeth have hurt the past 2 days. We couldn't really afford for him to go yet...but we are making it happen.

My grandmother is in the hospital with various infections. She is very sick. She was going to stay with my kids on Friday until hubby got off work but not now! LOL So, mom and dad (who work nights and sleep days) with get to sleepily watch my kids. On top of it all, mom and dad have really been struggling with finances and they are stressed to the max so I hate adding more stress for them to deal with.

So....a lot going on here.

I'm staying 100% on plan, regardless. If I went off plan every time things got stressful, I'd be off plan most of the time=====and going nowhere. I'm going somewhere now.


  1. Way to go on the 100% even with all your stress. Hope your grandmom gets to feeling better and things go better for your parents. All of you are in my prayers :)

  2. Sending you positive thoughts and prayers! Sounds like you have a lot going on right now-definitely sticking to your plan will help, I believe. It's so important to maintain your own health when it feels like there are a million things going on that are out of our control!

  3. Whoa that is a lot going on. Yes, remember to be kind to yourself through all this. It will help you in the long run to get the proper rest and nutrition you need.