Tuesday, January 31, 2012

fat floats.

*disclaimer* This post may make some people say "yuck!". Don't say you haven't been warned!

This past weekend, I was gifted with a trip to the Homeschool Mom's Winter Summit. IT WAS A BLAST.

To top it all off, they were out of regular rooms so they gave me the king size jacuzzi suite for the regular room price! cha ching!

Anyway.....I laid back in the jacuzzi and washed my hair (this jacuzzi was HUGE. I'm 6 feet tall and I could lie down!) and I realized just how much fat floats. I held my floating stomach in my hands and realized that it was all fat.... I realized the blob that will be missing when I am at my goal weight. And then I reached to the sides of the blob and felt my pelvic bones. I thought "wow. That's the REAL me. There's a small me under this blob of fat."

It sounds corny, I know. But I think this was the first time I felt my pelvic bones. I normally can't feel them.

I'm working daily to remove the blob. The skinny me is longing to be revealed :)

(p.s. I hit the 270's today :)


  1. You continue to do great, even if some bits are floating :) For me, it looks a lot better when I am laying down and it is floating as opposed to allowing gravity to make it all hang down..

  2. Amazing feeling isn't it? I just recently felt my collar bones.

    YAY for getting into the 270s Amy! You are making progress!!!

  3. I love being in the water...it is the only time my boobs are perky :) hehe Glad you got to enjoy the jacuzzi! :)

  4. Fat floats and muscle doesn't. I was like a fish in the water, no matter what the wave conditions, because I could float. Now I am afraid to go in without a life vest because I am not use to NOT floating. It is scary. I thought the extra skin would float but it really doesn't. I can swim but I have to learn a new way of swimming with this body.

    Bones: The first time I felt bones in my chest I thought I had a tumor.

    Enjoy those pelvic bones!