Saturday, February 14, 2015

NOT self-sacrificing

First of all, the picture really has nothing at all to do with the post. I just wanted to post it LOL It was getting close to bedtime the other night and I was thinking about the chocolate covered peanut butter crackers that I was going to make for my mother for Valentine's Day. For a fleeting moment, the thought crossed my mind to go make those crackers, then eat some of them and not even count anything but to just pretty much "not care" and go "hog wild". Ha! Not a good plan, but you know you have crazy thoughts like that, too. So, I went to my bathroom, where I have displayed this TOPS Queen crown that someone gave me, for future use, like...........when I'm actually a queen. Anyway, I decided to put this crown on my head and have royal, healthy thoughts until the urge to splurge passed. And so, I did, and then I took a picture and then I decided the crown will now live in the KITCHEN, where it can remind me to eat royally.

Now, to today's topic: Giving of yourself until there is nothing left for YOU aka self-sacrificing.

This is a touchy subject. In Sunday School, we are taught J-O-Y= Jesus, Others, You (you being last). And there are scriptures about being a servant, being humble, doing for others, etc, etc, etc.

However, I have a major problem with the J-O-Y thing these days. I have come to the conclusion that the way we often teach it is UNbiblical and downright DANGEROUS.

Jesus never called us to kill ourselves for the sake of others.

Things can get WAY out of balance in the "do unto others" category very quickly, more-so if we are of the people-pleaser personality type, thrive on helping others, and generally WANT to do good. People take advantage of us without even realizing they are doing so. And silly us, we volunteer for stuff when we have our plates too full to begin with.

God has really been dealing with me about this.

I need to take care of ME first. I can not do for others if I am not well.

I need to take a step back.

I've been seeking His guidance more, in recent days. The things he impresses upon me are interesting. He is gentle, loving and kind and wants me to heal. He wants me to thrive. He wants me to take care of myself. He gets no glory from me continuously being tied to someone else's altar of self-sacrifice.

What does this really mean? It means I learned how to say no. It means God is aligning things in my life that were out of balance. It means I'm healing.

And I'm glad.

Obesity is an outward sign that something is not right.

I'm seeking Him. And in the moments when I actually listen, I find healing. (The key for me is to pause to listen for HIS input when people ask me to do such and such, which happens a LOT)

Random note: Here at the halfway point of February, I weigh 284. My next mini-goal is to be in the 270's on March 1st.

Off to bed! Thanks for reading! Goodnight and be well!

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  1. I think the issue is perception and interpretation. I have some issues with recommendations made in evangelical Christian churches which is why I have not yet become a member of a church. I am literal and a loyal person and I don't want to sign on with a church unless I really believe and agree to live the way they say.

    It is indeed not healthy to tend to others and do things or not do things to maintain our own health and wellness. That is why JOY can be misinterpreted.

    How is it that others may manage to take care of both themselves and their family in a more balanced manner if others always come first? I do not know. Perhaps it is a matter of degree. That is to say, do enough for others to meet some base needs then make time to exercise, do good meal planning, and cook healthy meals. Don't do a ton for others that leaves no room for taking care of yourself.

    I have struggled with balance since giving birth to my first child. He has had issues from birth starting with sensory issues (SID like) and then food allergies starting when solids were first tried. He is 17 now. OTher things have cropped up. When a kid is sick it is really easy to put too much to raising and tending them and to neglect oneself.

    This is why I see women in my oommunity in their 50s that look better than when they were raising kids in their 30s and 40s. They finally have time and freedom to exercise, eat better, etc.

    Another thought is when you do too much for others (ie volunteer work) you are not always able to give them 100% quality work as you are not functioning at an ideal level (not feeing well from crap eating or not sleeping enough or under stress from too much volunteer work).