Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I don't care...yes I do.

There's this thing where you plan your meals and calories, shop healthy, cook healthy, yada yada, then because you are tired or stressed or busy or whatever, you just say............I don't care. And you just eat.

This happens to me all the time.

I lie to myself! Liar, liar, pants on fire.

I lie and say "I don't care".........until I have overeaten, and then I realize it was a lie and that I DO care.

wishy washy and I despise it.

The "I don't care" time erases all the effort that I put in.

Just venting.

Because I had an "I don't care" breakfast.

You know, I'm bad about saying "I'm going to do this and this for x number of days" and then something comes up and gets in my way--- like that most recent challenge where I ended up swallowing my pride and saying I'm too broke and stressed to finish this challenge.

So, .......maybe challenges aren't the best idea for me. I don't know. I need SOMETHING to kick start me back into whack.

No answers today............just venting.

Thanks for reading :)


  1. :) I could have written this...but not as cleverly. You expressed my situation perfectly. I began tracking gluten and sugar free days on Jan. 1. In January, I was "legal" 26 of the 31 days.

    Doesn't that sound good? Except that those 5 days caused me to end the month weighing what I did at the beginning of the month. :( So annoying...and so foolish...for me to repeatedly think that I can get away with that.

    No amount of positive spin changes the numbers on the scale...



  2. I pretend I don't care way too often. A part of my brain is trying to tell me how much I do care, but it's like I deliberately refuse to listen. Because I want to eat all the things.

  3. I have this same "all or nothing" instinct and get caught up in plans and stuff al the time. My latest obsession is starting a sugar free phase. Researching now, but it is just a whim. And I seriously care when I have a binge, but I'm learning to get over it a lot quicker.

  4. You're finding what works and what doesn't, for you. Slipping back into "caring" mode is a sign that your awareness is strong. Amy, hang in there-- be kind to you...and realize, when you're focused on taking extraordinary care, you feel your best. The all or nothing approach is a close cousin to the perfection approach. We don't need to be perfect, just consistent. Take good care, my friend.