Monday, February 23, 2015

cpap with a baby in the bed

This week I got my cpap machine. I love it! I just know that it is going to/ is helping me in my health journey. I put it on and as I am falling asleep, I speak in my mind "I am healing. I am healing.", to the beat of my breathing.

I get several hours of cpap usage in before baby wakes up the first time (yes........he STILL wakes at night. ugh) Somewhere around 2 or 3 a.m., he wants a bottle and to sleep in my arms. I give him a bottle and move him to our bed. The first night, I couldn't manage to get my mask back on with one hand while he was cradled in my other, and I just fell asleep. Then I started trying to feed the baby, move him to our bed and get situated while leaving the cpap going. Finally I have learned to turn the cpap off but leave the mask on. We are still learning. But I am glad to know I am getting into the healing/real rest stage of sleep because of the machine!

One main thing that helps me in the sleep department is getting to bed early, to get in as many "pre-baby" hours as possible. However, the hours after he goes to bed are my MOST productive hours (if you haven't had a baby in your home in a while, believe me...they hinder productivity!). I am tempted to stay up and accomplish things that REALLY need accomplishing, however I know I really need to sleep too.

So tonight I made myself a deal-- I will work quickly until 9:50---then hit they hay!

I also want to write about the GYM! But this post is getting long. I will start a new one. :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hmm. The baby waking up. I know he is your third child, so you already know and are doing this, but with my second baby, I put rice cereal into his "right before bed bottle". That kept him about 8 hours from the time he was 3 months old..then 10 hours. I guess the time put him in bed for the night figures in, too.

    I hope you this 2AM feeding becomes history quickly!


    1. 3 months is generally considered much too early to give a baby anything other than breast/bottle milk. 6 months is more usual.

    2. The thin mix of rice cereal was recommended by the doctor. This baby weighed almost 10 pounds when he was born and needed more than milk could provide.

      This baby is now a 38 years old, lean, muscular, intelligent father of three.. I think it went okay.

  2. He is 11 months tomorrow. It is time for him to sleep through the night. But he is a bit spoiled :) After he turns one, he is going to his sister's room and will share a bed with her (She's 13 and it was her idea-- yay!)