Tuesday, November 19, 2013


You know what? I miss blogging. Even though I'm so tired I could fall over, I'm going to sit here and type for 10 minutes. ---until 9:58.

You know, I posted "I'm pregnant!" and then just fell off the blogging world. Well, in the real world, I'm still alive. And I'm still pregnant. As a matter of fact, yesterday was the half-way point in my pregnancy.

I'm still homeschooling.

Hubby's still unemployed.

Dad's still fighting with stage 4 lung cancer (I don't know why I am this way---but almost every time I mean to type "lung cancer", I accidentally type "lunch cancer" and have to go back and fix it. seriously)

I'm still tired.

My 14 year old son had a long ordeal the first of this month that included emergency night-time surgery on an abscessed lymph node in his throat. It was a hard time. I'm glad it's over.

I have REALLY, REALLY had issues with my eating. I hate that. I almost don't want to admit it. But I am honest to a fault. I'm struggling.

The doctor wanted me to gain 0-15 pounds with this pregnancy. Here, with just over 4 months to go, I have gained 17.

Some of you may say "Well, weight gain is to be expected and you are nourishing a baby and it will be ok", which, if I were eating right, I would agree.

But I'm not.

I'm eating junk. eeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

WHY am I eating junk?

I just ate 2 bowls of cheerios AND ADDED SUGAR. I wasn't even hungry. I just wanted the sugar.


I am not happy with this. I am not happy with me.

In other news, hubby has been sick in bed the past 2 days and I miss him.

I don't even know if any of you read me anymore. If you do, thank you! I think getting back to blogging will help me.

Time's up! goodnight!


  1. Hormones during pregnancy are the worst….hang in there. I think blogging will help…give it a go.

  2. I read when you write. :-) I have wondered how everything was going. I feel your pain about the sugar cravings. It is my greatest struggle.

  3. Hopefully coming back to blogging will help you. Sorry to hear about hubby, keep your chin up.

    Many hugs

  4. I'm still reading. Don't ever stop trying. Every tiny thing you do right, at it's most basic level, is time spent NOT doing something negative for yourself, if that makes any sense. Small things are important. I'll keep reading as long as you keep posting.