Wednesday, November 20, 2013

5 minute night

9:50-9:55 Yesterday I typed for 10 minutes. Tonight I just want to go to sleep...but I will type for 5 first.

Today was busy. Who am I kidding? My LIFE is busy these days, so I guess it was just a normal day. I hit the ground running, did housework, school with the kids, took son to the doctor for a recheck from his surgery (it went fine) and cooked for tonight's church Thanksgiving dinner. Before heading out, I ran to the store to get hubby some eye drops (dry eyes) and sinus medicine. He's doing better but still not kicking very high. He didn't go to the dinner.

At the dinner, I only made one trip through the line, (good) but I ate two desserts (bad). A homemade chocolate pie made by a grandma...not my grandma...but you know what I mean...the OLD STYLE GRANDMA CHOCOLATE PIE. I also had a slice of pecan pie. Ugh. I ate too much.

So, I just came home and I'm about to hit the hay. I did not get exercise in today. I wish I would have. Yesterday I walked a pretty fast pace mile (fast, compared to my current speed LOL) and I felt so much more energetic.

Well, I'm off to bed. Tomorrow I take dad for a ct scan first thing in the morning and then hopefully get back in time to take my daughter to storytime (she volunteers). If not, maybe hubby will feel well enough to take her. We will see.

Shame on me............I should worry about tomorrow, tomorrow!

I'm really thirsty today. ANd feeling fat. :(

I dug out my skirt that I used to show as my "before" skirt............and I can fit it. It is still technically too big...but I can wear it and it is comfortable. ugh.

I want to be healthy.

I'm so tired.

thank you for reading

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