Thursday, November 21, 2013

yeast, bad checks, health bums

I got thrush on my tongue randomly, in early September. It has come and gone and it a lot better but still, after almost 3 months, it is still somewhat present.

I also have some red spots on my upper thigh that almost look like ringworm, execpt, it isn't ringworm. I think it is yeast and I think it is connected to the thrush.

It is CRAZY that I let this go for so long without going to the doctor. I could go for FREE! But life is busy and something that isn't terribly annoying or life threatening seems low priority.

Oct. 31, my son had emergency surgery for an abscessed lymph node in his throat. He apparently had a bacterial infection that just set up in there and got really bad.

When that happened, I wondered......................could this be related to my tongue and thigh issue? Do we have some kind of weird bacteria thing going on and I passed it to him somehow???? So, I vowed to get myself to the doctor. TOMORROW I need to call and make that appointment!!!!!!!!

In other news, I took dad for his ct scan and he did well. (He has terminal lung cancer.) Honestly, I was expecting them to go NOT well. It hurts him to lie on his back and he has to for the ct scan. But he sailed right through it, went home and cooked goolash, and brought me some. LOL

I'm frustrated that someone gave my husband a BAD $200 check to buy parts with for their rototiller (hubby works in our garage as a small engine mechanic). We bought the parts and THEN were notified that the check was bad and the bank took the $200 from our account. $200 that I could REALLY use right now. ...........

And partially because of that, and partially because dad wanted me to pick his food up, I spent an hour and a half in line at the food pantry today, in the drizzle. I HATE THAT. I stood in line with people who put forth no effort in their appearance---- a scraggly man in a greasy hooters shirt, a lady wearing sweats that only cover half of her bottom, people who needed to wash their hair really badly.....and I I one of them??? I know there were also some normal people that I could relate to there somewhere too...surely. But for the most part, I got the impression that most people there had no vision, no dream, no goal, didn't care....weren't trying. LORD! Don't let me become that way! Yet, AM I that way when it comes to my health?????????????????????????????????????????????????? Have I become a health "bum"? No. I'm not willing. I've hit a rough patch...but this isn't who I am. I'm digging my way out.

Any advice?


  1. I know it's probably none of my business. But I would try not to judge the other people waiting in the line. There's no way to know what brought them to the circumstances they're in. There's nothing wrong with knowing that you don't want to end up in the state they're in,but your description sounded kinda harsh.

    Anyway, that's just my two cents. Otherwise I hope you and your son feel better and wish the best for your folks.

    Keep at it,


  2. I can honestly see how people want to give up. I am educated, I try with my appearance but several recent job interviews (where I did not get the job) have really put me in a funk. It happens.