Sunday, November 24, 2013

Postive talk Monday

I like to listen to Joel Osteen aka Mr. Positive Preacher. He talks so much about speaking positively and believing it will be so. For tonight's post, I just want to post my positive declarations for the upcoming week.

*Monday morning my dad and I will have a safe trip to the cancer center, we will have favor with the doctor and nurses, the report will be good and we will enjoy our time visiting as he has his treatment.

*This week will be well organized and smooth.

*This week I will make wise decisions at the grocery store and cook nutritious, healthy, tasty meals.

*This week I will not overeat.

*This week I will exercise daily.

*This week I will feel well, healthy, on plan, and accomplished.

*This week, the house will be in order.

*This week, our finances will be blessed.

*This week, the Lord will fix situations that need attention--both ones that I know about and things I don't even realize!

*This week, the Lord will be felt near.

*I will end this week feeling successful, being successful.

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