Saturday, November 23, 2013

harsh cheeseburger visions

Someone left me a comment (and I do appreciate EVERY comment--thank you for letting me know you read!), saying that my description of people at the food pantry in my last post was harsh. I didn't mean to be offensive. But sometimes life IS harsh. I'm not meaning to degrade anyone who goes to a food pantry...hey--I was there too and I go almost every month--I need it, so I AM a food pantry recipient. My point was---there are some people that you look at and they appear to be going somewhere in life, successful, motivated, professional, etc...and there are some people who you can look at and tell that they have no vision, no dream, no drive. I want to the first of the two.

I was recently at a ladies' retreat. The speaker told of seeing a homeless man on a street corner with a sign that said "Homeless with visions of a cheeseburger". She went on to talk about having a dream, a vision, a goal, something to strive for. How big is your dream and vision? Are we content with just a cheeseburger? A cheeseburger is only going to satisfy you for a few hours. She was wishing the man could get a vision for a better life, to not be homeless, to have a home and a job, etc (you all know what I'm saying). I'm sure he did NOT want to be where he was. No one would. But he wasn't looking to get out of his situation. He was just looking for a temporary satisfaction.

Like ice cream does. Or overeating anything--being off our health plan. Temporary satisfaction that doesn't change us for the better, long term.

THAT is where I don't want to be. THAT is what I don't want to become.

I don't want to fail on my vision of my goal weight and healthy lifestyle.

I want to be ON plan. I want to LIVE to my POTENTIAL.

I want to succeed.

And sometimes, it is a severe fight.


  1. Our mantra at the moment is "I can, I will" …and we apply it to aspects of our lives, not just weight loss.

    Keep working on it…and you will succeed.

  2. Keep up with your vision, hold onto it and with God's will you will get there
    Many hugs,