Thursday, October 25, 2012

dress/pictures/new normal

This pic is of me last week on our 16th wedding anniversary. I decided to try on my wedding dress. It zipped and lacked about half an inch from buttoning. That's the closest it has come to fitting since I was 18, so I'm pretty proud. I'm excited to know that next year it will be way too big. :)

Several weeks ago, we were at an event that was iaway door prizes. One of the door prizes was a gift certificate for a professional portrait session. I told hubby "If I win a door prize, I will get that certificate and save it to have 100 pounds lost pictures made!" However, I was working (volunteering) at this event and I didn't see who won what. Imagine my suprise when on my anniversary, hubby presented me with the gift certificate! Yay! My goal was already to reach the 100 pounds lost mark by the end of the year (19 more pounds) but now that desire is on overdrive because the gift certificate expires the last day of the year!

I have been financially strapped lately. It can be depressing. Last night someone left kashi cereal, wheat bread, and tomatoes on my pew at church. They knew how much those things would mean to me and it touched my heart. Also my cousin/friend randomly sent me $50 of "Christmas money". How precious. God bless them!

In a short while I must wske my kids and get them out the door. We are driving dad to the hospital about an hour away to have bloodwork done. Then tomorrow we get to leave the house at 6 a.m. to take him to have his biopsy. Hard times. I haven't handled it as well as I would like to say I have. However, finally....I feel like I'm adjusting and accepting. There's just going to be a new normal for us. I have to let the old normal go and learn to thrive and be happy with the new normal.


  1. What a lovely surprise from your husband. Also too, what a motivation to have. And most important I know you will do it.

    I totally understand the whole new normal thing. It is hard but oh so doable.

    You gave me an idea and I think I will pull out "the dress" and may try it on.

    Hope all goes well with your dad.

  2. It really sounds like you have a great attitude about life in general. We are all going i have tough times in our lives and all that is required of us is that we survive them. Once we survive them we can move on to the next thng an hope it turns out better.

  3. So have that good things have been coming your way you deserve and need them right now :) I hope the biopsy goes ok and I hope your new normal won't be to bad. *hugs*

  4. oh forgot to say the most important thing you look lovely in your wedding dress :)

  5. What a gift your hubby came up with. Material for Husband of the Year! Hope everything goes well for your dad. One day at a time.

  6. You look absolutely fabulous! I'm betting that you feel even better than you look. Keep it up, and thanks for the inspiration!