Thursday, October 11, 2012

Breaking the mullygrub glasses

We've all heard saying about looking at life through rose colored glasses. Most of us aren't guilty of that though. Most of us look at life through mullygrub glasses. Recently I had several days in a row where I felt unbalanced, depressed and blah, feeling like a failure. Feeling like stuff needed fixing and I needed to be the one to fix it. If I were a better person, I would be able to fix things and everything would be perfect and happy with butterflies and cotton candy. If I wasn't so lazy, if I wasn't so incapable, if I wasn't such a loser.

Have you been there? Surely I'm not the only one who every wears mullygrub glasses.

Last night I went to bed and started praying, asking God to "fix me" because surely I am a failure and surely I'm doing things wrong,etc. THEN this thought came to me:

"What if you are just looking at it wrong and things are actually PERFECT? If things were lined up exactly the way that I (God) know is best, wouldn't THAT be perfect? Or must YOU be 100% happy with every little thing....must everything be going YOUR way for it to be a perfect day? Cancer, poverty, troubles...these things build character and have purposes that you don't realize. I AM doing great things in your life. You already do seek me--that pleases Me. You do your best most of the time-- that pleases Me. Keep doing those things. Then, whatever comes, trust that it is part of MY PERFECT plan for you. Your life is so perfect and you don't realize it. Break your mullygrub glasses and enjoy this perfect day."

Take time for you today. Ask God what you should do.... even what you should eat and if you should exercise. hum..............


  1. Great post, it's always good to look for what's right with things rather than what's wrong with them. Negative thinking never leads to positive results.

  2. Sometimes it is funny how someone else's post writing is just about exactly how I feel and think. I too am having some issues which are making me feel unworthy. Thank you so much for telling me to get rid of those horrible glasses.

    Many blessings