Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dream big. {then DO it}

{hubby fixed the computer--yay! The pics in this post have been posted before, but they are just some of my favorites}

I'm hating the Christmas time yo yo that I did! I wasted so much time with that! I had gotten down to 297 point something. Then all the goodies of Christmas and I gained up to 302 point something. Last night I was back down to 300 even. I wanted to start this year in a lower weight division...but...it is what it is. You really can't give "bare minimum" requirements and expect maximum results.

Yesterday's TOPS program was great. It was "Dream big {then DO it}" We wrote down our goals for the year and sealed them and I will hand them back out in a year. I talked about how it is important to have a dream. Then I discussed that just a dream isn't enough. You have to DO it, no matter what is going on. Because life is stressful and hectic. It always will be. If you wait for the perfect timining, you aren't ever going to get it done. I talked about how I've had the queen dream ever since I joined 2 years ago and how I am only 27 pounds less than then. Yep. Dreaming isn't enough. You have to DO it.

I think I'm going to change the name of my blog to "Dream big {then DO it}" because I HAVE been dreaming big. I just need to DO it. I've been honest. And I will continue to be honest. It's not always easy to be honest....when you flop.

Hubby bought a new Leslie Sansone dvd and it is much more involved than the other one we have. *whew* I can't do it all...yet...but I did 31 minutes of it today.

I'm off to DO something now,

Amy,that TOPS lady, future queen


  1. Dream big.... then do it.... Love that! I'm off to put it into practice. :)

  2. Dream big...I love it too, future Queen. You're baaaaaackkk! Yeah. I found out through Suzi's Blog. I was wondering what happened to you. So we are about the same weight...let's get busy, girl.

  3. Dear Amy,
    I just found your blog yesterday, and have been "back reading" to catch up to where you are now. Of all the blogs I've read, yours struck me as the closest to "me". Especially the post you wrote about when you saw a photo of yourself at the wedding, and couldn't believe it was you. I have had that thought so many times! I am also in TOPS. I started last April, and my top weight was 285 lbs. At this point, I'm at 202 lbs. My goal is 150 (because I'm only five foot three), and I'm really wanting to get there this year. Thanks for writig this blog - I'm really enjoying it!!
    From one future queen to another,

  4. Love the new blog title! May your dreams come true this year.

  5. Amy, another TOPS member here. Your program sounded motivational and you sound like you're ready to go after your dream. Good Luck!


  6. I love the new motto :) You can do it!!!