Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm so mean to me

There is a blogger, you may know him, named Allan and a couple of weeks ago he was laughing about me on his blog. He enjoyed it. He's really going to enjoy this post. :/

I am so fed up with ME. ugh! What is my deal? I have great plans, great desires but I cut myself way too much slack and therefore I am not accomplishing ANYTHING.

How do you FORCE yourself to STICK to healthy choices? How do you MAKE yourself have willpower? I know it is a matter of willpower and I'm so mad at myself because I really seem to be lacking. :(

The past several few weeks I *have* been much more consistent with water consumption, exercise and not buying sweets for the house. I'll give myself that much. However, I am having times of just "oh well, I don't care" and then I don't journal and I eat whatever I want (binge on eggs? sounds crazy..but I did). I get in to these "whatever, I don't care" moods and do this to myself, but deep down, I DO care. I'm so mean to me.

I weighed 301. That's a one pound gain.

Go ahead, Allan. I know I'm not shining tonight.


  1. Screw him! Don't even give him the time of day. He is a bully and psycho as far as most of us are concerned.

    You really need to train your brain NOT to have the "I don't care" or "Whatever" patterns. I know it is not easy to do after years and years but I think it is what is holding you back. Progress not perfection!
    You will not be perfect, there will be days you indulge in a little "extra" but you can't just say whatever and binge. You need to just pick yourself up again and eat better the next meal. Again, don't let the a**holes of the world get you down!

  2. It's not so much that i force myself to choose good foods it's more that i have a mantra going on inside my head that says "one little bite of that turns into a binge so don't have any"
    Works for me most of the time!

  3. Whoa... I never laughed at you. I empathize, and I think you mean well. Everyone gains weight sometimes, that is not a reason to laugh. Being "mean to me" is silly to me. Knowing that you are not drinking enough fluids, and that you are not set up to succeed seems silly to me. No one laughs at you, not ever. Posting comments from people that go by the name Anonymous means you are not serious as well. Letting someone that has no face call me names is not your style. If you think I slandered you than I apologize, and I was misunderstood. I wish everyone well, and I hope you find your path. The path my friends and I have taken is one of low calorie, correct hydration, a little exercise, and a team effort. It works, I hope you find what works for you. Please keep in mind that I gain nothing by your success or failure. As for laughing at you, that is not my style. As for "sticking" to a plan, I seem to be able to motivate a crowd.

  4. The above comment has been sitting all day, waiting for my approval.

    I finally approved it only because of the line that says "If you think I slandered you, then I apologize."

  5. I am truly sorry, and I will post that on my site as well today