Tuesday, January 18, 2011

7 things & a blogger award

Seven random things about me:

1. I am 6 feet tall. My husband is 5'4" :)

2. I collected precious moments for years and then got tired of them. I don't want any more but I will keep the ones I have because most were bought for me by people I love on sentimental occasions.

3. I wear out shoes quickly.

4. I love staying in fancy hotels.

5. I love to make lists.

6. I quit public school at age 15. Walked out of class and walked home, never to return. I'd had ENOUGH of the bullies and the teachers who turned their heads. (The next year I went to a private school, from which I graduated)

7. In 1999, someone broke into our home. They stole my husband's video games and my underclothes (gasp!) and left my credit card untouched, sitting in plain view on the kitchen table.

By accepting this award, I have to:

* Post and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
* Share seven things about yourself.
* Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers (or as many as you can).
* Contact these bloggers and tell them they’ve won!

And so, my 7 things are posted above. I received this award from Laryssa at Dillypoo chatter http://dillypoo-chatter.blogspot.com/ (sorry, I don't know how to do links very well!)

I'm passing this award on to:
Katie J http://katiejweightlossjourney.blogspot.com/
Debbie http://justquiteating.blogspot.com/
and Darla http://mywinningyear2011.blogspot.com/

_--------on another note, I will post either later today or tomorrow about how I did this week and our TOPS meeting. hint hint: it was good :)

Now I need to get off this computer and get busy!


  1. I love making lists too. #7 is really strange, isn't it? Thanks for the getting to know you better post. I like them. And a big thanks for the award. You are so sweet.