Thursday, December 8, 2011

rest vs. exercise

I normally only allow myself one day per week that I don't exercise-- Wednesdays--because Wednesdays are hectic for me with school, daughter's therapy and then church.

However, this week has been busy busy busy busy. I've been to the dentist twice this week. I've had more errands and paperwork to take care of than normal, along with my normal busyness.

I am so tired.

I know that being excessively tired is not healthy. I WANT to finish up what has to be done tonight and go to bed super early (I'm thinking 8).

But on the other hand............I don't want to be making excuses to miss my workout.

tired tired tired.

What to do?


  1. Think of you, rest !
    Excersing 6 days out of 7 is great, but less won't hurt if you have been eating properly.
    Take care x


  2. I did. I crashed. Later, my weight loss mentor rebuked me a bit and told me I had to MAKE time to exercise,especially this month because December is just a busy month. *sigh*

  3. Have you tried pilates...sometimes I do a is great.

  4. I have a different spin on exercise in December. Yes, I have to make time for it because there will always be something else to be done otherwise. BUT, I think it is even more important to watch my carb/cal/food intake more closely because it is a busy time and it is too easy to eat out and order in. I work to balance the exercise with the food plan and the business.

    Today my neighbor asked for a favor and I was able to use the action of fulfilling that favor as my workout for the morning. It was that or miss the workout completely. I just had to be creative.

    You are doing well. I am so glad you are continuing to succeed.

    Jane at