Monday, December 12, 2011


Guess what? December is busy! and NOT NORMAL! LOL

Even though I believed I had a rock solid determination, I had TWO flop days this past week. Flop day number one I didn't exercise because I was busy, busy, busy and by 10 p.m. I was too tired. I also ate a kashi mocha bar even when I had used all of my calories. Ok, that wasn't a HUGE flop but it wasn't on target either!

Flop day #2 was Saturday. I started my day with my kashi cereal and later had some fruit, so I didn't just wake up planning to fail. However, Saturday was crazy busy! (4 hours of shopping, cleaned the church, went to a parade, constant something!) When I stopped by my parent's, my dad gave me a donut. I ate it. (mistake!) I was hungry for junk from that point on. While cleaning the church, there were Christmas cookies in the kitchen. I ate one. Supper was a happy meal. *sigh* I ate candy from the parade and then went home and ate cereal and a pb&j sandwich at approx 10:30 p.m. and go NO exercise in! FAIL!

And so, I made new rules for myself and I hate them but they help! #1 I must get up at 6 a.m. and get my exercise DONE first. (I am SO not a morning person...waaa!) Rule #2 Each night before I go to bed, I must write down exactly what I will be eating the next day and then stick to it. If someone gives me something yummy, I can take it home and work it into the next day's food plan. NO IMPULSE EATING.

yep. December is not easy. But I refuse to fail.


  1. It helps to plan ahead. I know exactly what I am eating from when I wake up until I get home for dinner. Dinner is never set but generally one of 4 different things. I know exactly what calories I have left by the time I get to dinner and know how many each dinner would be.

    It is not for everyone to plan like that, but it works for me!..

  2. Impulse eating is a tough habit to break but it is worth the effort. Don't try to be perfect. Just get better each day. You did not gather the habits you are trying to drop overnight. You need to build your resolve and strength to cast them away one day at a time.

    Jane at

  3. Love your attitude...the REFUSE to fail will see you throu this busy "silly" season.


  4. Hi, new to your blog. December is a crazy month and probably the hardest one for staying on track. It sounds like the little weekend issues got you to focus and plan so maybe in the long run it will be a good thing.

    Best of luck to you!