Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I wish I could log on to here and say "I ate within calorie range, no desserts, had 6 servings of fruits and veggies, exercised 45 minutes, drank 120 ounces of water, and planned my family's meals for the next 5 days." Ah.... but no.

Part of me wants to say "Amy, don't be so hard on yourself. Perfection is a myth. You are doing well. Chin up."

But another part of me says "In 2012, you just woke up one day and did things concerning your health pretty much perfect at least 6 days out of 7. And you lost 81 pounds. What you are doing now has you going back and forth over the same 4 pounds over and over. You keep making these new plans and rules for yourself and then changing them when they get hard, which is immediately. Suck it up already!"

So................I don't know.

All I have to say today is I didn't have any dessert.

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  1. So true Amy. I lost 180 lbs. in 18 months, culminating in hitting a low weight of 139 lbs. in October 2011. After that, I gained back to around 150 lbs. where I hovered for over two years before a slight regain over the last Winter and this Spring. Since June, I have lost most of my 32-pound regain, but when I see pictures of myself from that Halloween of 2011, when I was at my lowest, sometimes I think I got too skinny, but more often I think, "Gosh, I wish I could get that low again." Right now I'm between 155-160, would prefer to be 10 pounds lighter than that, but all the clothes are fitting again and I guess if I just don't gain it would be okay. I have found, however, that if you keep a mindset of "losing," maybe "gaining" won't happen quite so easily. So for now I'm going to be happy with where I'm at, even though I KNOW I should eat less, and move more. From now until Jan 1, if I can hover BELOW that 160-lb. mark, I'm going to be happy. However, I am going to keep telling myself that I'm losing weight, or at least trying to! It's what works for me, and we all have to find that magic potion that works for us. In my case, I have had to change my magic potion over the years, but I will never give up! (Believe me, I know there's no "magic" involved, it's just darned hard work and determination!)