Thursday, December 4, 2014

hop and skip around the issue

Hubby and I have implemented a new rule for the family--- at 8:30 p.m., our wifi gets UNPLUGGED. We have teens and this is good for a lot of reasons that I won't get into. However, most of MY online time has been after the baby goes to bed for the night...and I'm trying to be a good example by not breaking the my blog has been an adjustment!

Here is it 4 p.m. and I know I didn't post about yesterday. Crazy as it sounds, I can't even remember the details of yesterday! But I do remember that I didn't eat any dessert, so yay for me. So far, so good today too....although I've only made a voice recording of my food intake and haven't added up the calories, so THAT is scary.

Oh....back to yesterday. I do remember something LOL I took mom to town. She said "Let's get frozen yogurt!" I didn't want to get into my "no dessert in December" discussion because....well, .....conversations with mom about me limit my sweets have gone downhill fast in the past, so I try to just avoid the conversation. So......I just said, "If it is ok with you, can I have a small hamburger instead?" and that worked. Not that eating a fast food hamburger is healthy, but anyway....

Then when we were at town, she insisted on buying the kids a Little Debbie (box of them). *sigh* She asked me what kind and I said if she was going to buy some sweets, I wanted her to buy Honey Buns because I don't like them. So, she did.

Mom is a borderline diabetic and sugar addict too...and anytime I mention that I'm cutting back, she gets defensive, like I'm judging HER, which I'm not. So....I hop and skip around the issue.

In other news, I'm dressed up like a successful business-lady today, and that seems to help me focus on my goals. #fakeItTilYouMakeIt :)

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Your mom sounds like mine!!! Bless her heart! I don't necessarily hop around the subject--I've tried every approach to help her (she's diabetic and a sugar addict too). Finally, I realized my "help" was likely more of a hindrance--because unless she decides--it's not happening, it's just creating a stress point between us--and I don't want that. So-- I'm just resigned to loving her no matter what. Her choices do not need to influence mine, though. I don't judge--when we finish dinner and she wants a dessert somewhere through a window-- I've even gone inside to retrieve her fix-- I quietly maintain what I'm doing-- just an example--and I pray hard all the time that she'll decide to take better care and prolong her life. But again-- all I can do is love her, no matter what or how long I have left to enjoy her in my life.
    I love your "fake it till you make it" attitude!