Friday, June 8, 2012

This is reality.

I have made such HUGE changes in my lifestyle that it is easy to sometimes give them impression that I am now perfect. I am not. The past 3 days have been a real struggle. I want to be transparent here, plus I think blogging about them will help me deal with them, so here goes.

Short story: I'm tired and stressed.

Short story about stress:
CAMP>>>I leave in 3 days to go to work at a youth camp for 5 days and will miss my husband. We didn't have enough appropriate clothing for the children and I to have the necessary 2 outfits per day, so I've been searching here there and everywhere (thrift stores and regular stores) for clothes that fit, are appropriate and inexpensive. It has taken a lot of time and I'm so confused I'm not even sure we are finished.
MONEY>>>We don't have enough to pay everything that needs to be paid right now. I won't elaborate--most of you can relate.
DAD>>>This week my dad has been very sick and the doctor said he things dad may have cancer. Dad doesn't read or write well and I have been taking him to his appointments and everything.

Short story about tired: Because of all of the busyness and mental drain of the above stress PLUS.........the past 3 days I have eaten wAAAY too much JUNK because of business and that stupid comfort food thing, and you know what junk food does to you? It makes you tired and want more junk!

And so..................that's reality guys! And I'm SO going to slap it's face and tell it to get over itself because I have a plan and I'm going to win!

The plan: (I am hungry, craving junk, and there's not a lot to pick from in the kithen) Tonight>>> eat 800 calories of whatever for supper. Tomorrow>>>fast (I was planning to fast a day before youth camp anyway. It's for religious purposes but the health benefits are great too!) Also tomorrow>>>plan Sunday's meals and pack healthy foods to take to camp. Sunday>>>> eat what I planned and be back on track 100%.

That is all. :)

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  1. I am on my first week of my new weight loss program. I got sick of always being tired and finally decided to do something about it. Thank you for your great posts. they are a big help in keeping me focused.