Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Annual fast

In 2 days, it will be a year since I declared a 118 day fast from #1 soda, #2 fast food and #3 dessert. At that time, I was 118 days above goal and that's why I picked 118 days. I had such strong chains of addiction binding me and no matter how much I fought, I couldn't get free from them. During the fast, I lost my chains.

So, here I am a year later. As of today's weigh-in, I'm 74 pounds above goal. And just this past month, the chains have come back. They are still lose. I can get them off. They aren't tight. But if I DON'T get them off and I mean NOW, then they will continue to tighten and I will be in the same bondage as before. Why wear chains when you don't have to?

Therefore, beginning today, I'm going on a 74 day fast from the 3 things as last year, plus one more. #1 no soda (This isn't an issue anymore. I pretty much never drink soda now anyway) #2 No fast food. #3 No dessert (this has been a biggie for me lately) and #4 No going over calorie limit at all (because sometimes I say "oh well" and just eat what I want. But not during this fast. When my calories are gone, I'll be done for the day)

I just needed to speak this! I believe God will honor it, as he honored it before!

~I refuse to be bound~


  1. Amen Amy! What works best for YOU is best :)

  2. Good for you with your goals and strong ambition.

    I truly enjoyed reading your post of how you regarded as certainly gave me another way to relate our emotions with eating.....thanks

  3. Good luck with your fast from these things. Stay focused and you will reach your goal Thanks for writing these inspirational posts