Saturday, June 23, 2012

I did my first 5K today!!! :)

One year ago, my friend asked me to do a 5K walk/run. I was about 315 pounds at the time. I physically COULD have completed it, if I walked very slowly. The main thing that kept me from doing it was the mental aspects. I didn't want to be the morbidly obese lady that everyone whispered about. Plus, I had an "I can't" attitude. So I said, "Not this year, but next year for sure."

Today WAS that next year and I'm so excited that I did my first 5K!! I've lost a lot of weight since then but the main thing I've lost is the "I can't" attitude. Guess what-- I CAN! and I did! :) (You can too.)

I was #64 out of 94 ladies, #15 out of 22 in my age division. My time was 49:03 which is 2 minutes faster than my fastest time in training. My feet hurt. NEXT YEAR is going to be even more awesome because I won't be carrying around 70 extra pounds. :)

If they would have divided up people into categories of how overweight they are, I would have the best time for the "still carrying 70 pounds of excess weight" division. LOL!

I can't wait to compare this year's pictures and times with next year's. :) I want all of you to do it next year too! Seriously, If I can, you can.

Hubby and some other TOPS members represented our chapter at the area fun day today. Our chapter won the award for "Best Average Loss Per Member" for the quarter, with a 9 pound per member average. I've got such a motivated and "making great changes" group. Goodness, I'm proud of them!!!! (the other girl in the top picture is from our group and she rocked the 5K today!)

Tonight hubby is cooking bbq chicken on the grill. It is 4:30 p.m. and I'm already in my gown. I'm so tired but today has probably been one of the top 10 best days of my life!!! :)

Thank you, Jesus, for helping me---for I can't even walk without you.


  1. I did my first 5k ever this year in May... in my skirt, I might add! :) It's always nice to see you're not alone in life. Congrats on the accomplishment! My time was 48 minutes and something, but that was honestly better than I expected. It about killed me. ROFL

  2. Congrats! That is a great accomplishment, And I love how you are already looking towards next year's success.

  3. I said it on FB already, but I wanted to say it here too!!! So proud of you!!

  4. A big big congrats to you Amy, I'm so proud of you :) you are doing terrific!!!

  5. You did great! We both had our first 5Ks on the same day! I know someone else who had their first 5K last Saturday too. Must have been a great day for first time 5Ks! I hope you feel amazing, it is such a great accomplishment!

  6. That is must be so proud of yourself and very well be too.

    I hope that someday I could do what you did.


  7. So proud of you Amy! Look forward to seeing your next years pic for comparison! :)