Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's not about what you deserve.

The man who is last year's TOPS king lost about 60 pounds in 6 months, and has spent every single weigh-in for the past year right at 6.8 pounds below his goal weight. He doesn't yo-yo AT ALL. I asked him his secret and I have been following his advice for the past week.

His advice: Set your calorie limit and accurately count every single bite you put in your mouth. No guessing. Eat right at your calorie allotment every day. Weigh every morning at the same time, wearing the same clothes. You should see a little loss each day. If ever you see a gain, cut 100 calories... and do that each time you see a gain, no matter how small.

It worked for him. I have been faithful to obey his plan this past week and I'm enjoying seeing little losses each morning. So far, so good.

In my mind, I'm thinking this won't work. Because of monthly cycle issues-- retaining water, etc. Plus...what about drinking water? (I still am) and exercise?? That will mess it up I think.

Regardless, I'm just going to enjoy the downward fall as long as it will last :)

Last night, I had planned to have a protein drink before bed. However, I WANTED a protein drink, leftover spaghetti and a bologna sandwich! LOL If I wasn't being committed to the calorie thing, I would have said "Oh well! I deserve it!" and yes, I DO deserve it and YOU deserve it. We DESERVE sweets and sodas and carbs and junkfood because it tastes good and we are awesome people! Yes! I agree with you! We deserve it! But eating what I deserve is what got me to 331 pounds.

Sometimes you have to say "I deserve it, but I choose not to have it." I had my protein drink and went to bed.

I hope you all are doing great! Thanks for reading!


  1. I have watched a friend of mine get up to her eyeballs in $50,000 of credit card debt for tchotchkes, unneeded clothing, junk, and knick-knacks using the catchphrase of "I deserve it" or "I'm celebrating." I've never heard her say that she deserves anything or is celebrating anything except when she's doing something she knows she shouldn't. :-(

    What she deserves is to be out of debt.

  2. WOWZA!! I am in awe of your will power and decisive-ness! You should be proud of yourself! Congrats!

  3. Hey another TOPS member! I'm so glad I found you!

    This guy sounds on his game and he's right, it's all about logging EVERYTHING (this is definitely the case for me). Congrats on the keeping up that will power and sticking with just the drink, sometimes that's really difficult to do.