Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Two pics---the face pic is me working at Junior High Church Camp last week. I loved it! The other pic is something a friend took of me. I didn't realize I look that big. I look smaller in my mind. This will make a great comparison pic to look back at!

As of last night, I am 118 pounds above goal. I am beginning a "fast" of sorts that begins today and goes for ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTEEN DAYS. (goodness) No soda, no fast food and no dessert. I will do it! I prayed about it for a while before I decided on it. The fast will improve my health but I am also fasting about 4 other things as well.

Anyway, I'm back :) I was silly to leave the support here at blogger.


  1. Good luck on your fast. I like the face picture and keep the other one for a before picture.

  2. Welcome back. I find it hard to blog lately--don't know what to talk about. Yet I know blogging and the friendships have been instrumental in my success.

    Best wishes with your fast.