Friday, July 9, 2010

sugar and water (but not together)

My 40 days of "nothing with sugar as the first ingredient" fast is over as of today! yay!

Guess what I found out? Lots of sugar loaded stuff DOESN'T have sugar as a first ingredient. Such as ice cream. yes, I was able to eat ice cream. And I blame the 3 pounds I gained during the fast partially on ice cream. (that, and we ate a lot of fast food while working the fireworks stand)

I can only think of 4 things that were forbidden (sugar listed as first ingredient) that I've wanted in the past 40 days:

1. candy bars (couldn't find a single one without sugar listed first)
2. little debbies (sugar sugar sugar)
3. brownies (no wonder they taste so good)
4. cookies (yep..I stood in the aisle at the store and checked about 20 packages. sugar is first)

so.............tonight.........before I go to bed........I plan to have one of the above things. *big smile*

but I only need to buy ONE. I know how I am.

Now.......on to the water aspect of this post.

I have quit drinking it. Not good.

The less you drink it, the less you want it.

Sean has started a 3 week challenge beginning Monday. Drink 64 ounces per day. I think it is the push I need.

Ok.................still not much in the blogging mood.......need to get around and go to the library.......but it's raining, so I'm not very motivated. Plus I will have to put air in my tire.

ta ta for now :)


  1. Very happy to have you in on the challenge!!! It'll be good for you and me both!

    Looking forward to hearing from you throughout the challenge!

    My best always

  2. I joined the challenge, too! I need the water more than ever after everything I went through this last week. Nice to see you popping on every now and again!

  3. When are you going to get serious? I have been lurking on your blog for quite awhile and haven't seen any progress since I started reading.