Saturday, July 10, 2010

Anonomous comment from 2 days ago

Dear Anonymous,
I know. I *think* I AM being serious and then I fall on my face. At least I continue to get back up. I realize I am yo-yoing and I am not proud of it.
that TOPS lady


  1. Falling is not what makes a failure.Letting the fall define you is what makes failure ! We all slip- it is part of a real life lived by a real person who focuses on the whole picture, and not simply the number on the scale. For those who are perfect at weight loss, a glimpse into the rest of their lives will reveal failure after failure in so many other arenas. For them, weight loss must be perfect because it is the only way they can feel good about themselves. However, for the rest of us who deal with jobs, healthy family relationships, real bills, houses that are not self cleaning, cars that have a tendency to need things like fuel repairs, children who did not spring out of the womb in a completely mature state and so forth, weight loss is sort of like a roller coaster ride that we just keep getting on. Flat parts, steep descents, climbs, loops and a lot of moments that seem to take your breath away. Hang in there and keep up the good work !

  2. Yeah, what she said! That was a really good comment.

    You know, we're not perfect and we make mistakes. When we make those mistakes, we really have to look hard at them. Why did you buy ice cream and brownie mix? You were filling something in a different part of your life that wasn't being fulfilled? I don't know, that's how my eating binges used to be. I ate delicious cookies, brownies, etc., because they brought me joy when I had little. So just look at it and think what those brownies/ice cream did for you.

    There's nothing to be proud or not proud of: you're human. Pick up, brush off, and march forward.

  3. What makes a person strong is the ability to dust off and get back up!!

  4. It's not about the progress that he/she sees, it's about what's going on with you.

    No one is forcing Anonymous to read your blog. Those who have nothing positive to say can take a hike. Just saying.

    I'm glad you're in on the water challenge with Sean and me. Don't forget that it starts today!

    You're not a failure unless you give up so keep doing your best one day at a time.

  5. and for me these days if Im trying at all in WHATEVER REALM of my life it can not will not be a failure.


    xo xo