Sunday, March 1, 2015

March's goals

Ah! *inhales deeply* :) A new month!

Let me start by getting the crummy stuff out of the way. After the first two months of the year, I stand at a two pound GAIN. What?! *insert crazy face here* I can cry about that or I can benifit from the reality check.
The reality is: if I stay on this course, I will not have a significant gain at the end of the year.

Not only that, I'm still going to be the ultra fat girl at the 5K this June. I've thought about that a lot today, for some reason. It was ok to be fat the first year because I was just starting my journey. The 2nd year it was ok to still be fat because I was at least showing a 50 pound weight loss progress. The third year was last year and I had regained 35 pounds but I told myself that was still ok because I had just given birth 3 months prior.

But this year? This year if I'm still the fat girl, I think I will get some looks of "Dude. That girl is STILL fat. The 5k must be the only healthy thing she does all year! hahahaha" sigh. No. gag.
I'm tired of being the fat girl at the 5K. And I'm tired of saying "I'm on a weight loss roll and I'm really doing it this time!" and then NOT doing it. TIRED OF THAT!!!!!!!!!!

And you've heard me say it before--- "I'm going to do such and such" and then I tell you my plan. And often I have failed with that plan.

But sometimes I succeed. In 2012, I reached my lowest adult weight and could say I had lost 81 pounds. I did SOMETHING right in the midst of the failures.

I say that to say this:
I'm making a plan for March, a challenge to myself. Something to go by. Advice to myself.

And so tonight, I just want to share it-- because--- well, just because. Because accountability is a good thing.

I weighted this morning: 288.

March's plan:

*Preplan all of my meals for the week on the weekends--- Breakfast, lunch and snack will be the same each day (because I spend wayyyy too much time overthinking things) then supper will vary. I will plan all of this out, leaving 500 unplanned calories per day to eat whatever I want.

*I will drink at least 4 bottles of water per day---which is 67.6 ounces (this is just a bare minimum)

*I will be in bed by 9:45 every night.

*I will read in my Runner's World magazine at least a few minutes every day

*I will exercise at least 5 days per week as follows:
-Sundays- rest day
-Mondays- one hour at the gym before TOPS
-Tuesdays- at least one hour at the gym during Mother's Day Out (maybe more)
-Wednesdays- rest day
-Thursdays- train with my daughter for the 5k- this may be at the track on or dvd if necessary
-Fridays- one hour at the gym- hubby or someone (!!) watch baby-- go right after school
-Saturdays- walk with family OR do a dvd

*Eat all food for the day before baby goes down for bed at 8

*Only weigh at home once per week (with the exception of the last day of the month for a final number)

Let's see what happens!

TOPS is also beginning a 10 week challenge beginning tomorrow, so that will probably be helpful too.

I SO want to do this. I want to succeed. I'm tired of just dreaming.

Thanks for your support and thanks for reading!!


  1. Great plans Amy…make your mantra "Instead of wanting to do, go and do" !!

  2. Sounds like you have a great plan!