Thursday, August 28, 2014

what fat people do

What do you see in this picture (besides a bathroom that needs cleaning)? I see me wearing a blouse as a jacket (despite 100 degree weather) that doesn't even fit.

When I lost those 80 pounds in 2012ish, I vowed that there were certain things that were "fat people things" and that I had kicked obesity's rear (although I still had 60 pounds til goal, I was feeling quite skinny and in control) and that I would NEVER do those things again.

Amy's list of things fat people do because they are fat:

1. They were open blouses over their undershirts because A) the blouse doesn't fit and B)it makes you feel like you hid your fat

2. They use the handicap stall in bathrooms because it is just more comfortable.

3. They go through the drive through because getting out of the car is too much work.

4. They own very little clothes because they either A) don't like how they look in anything (why spend money on stuff you hate?) or B) can't find anything in their size C)outgrew their clothes or wore them until they completely wore out

(Note: I currently own ONE church skirt---and the zipper on it is partially ripped out.... and I own ONE denim skirt for day-to-day. I am not happy with this arrangement and I don't like how I look in either of these)

5. They wear long blouses/shirt to "hide" their hips.

6. They stay home because they don't want to be seen.

7. They (I) refuse to wear their t-shirt that says "Just Do It" because they know the t-shirt message and the body wearing it send out conflicting signals that can be found funny to others. (Just do WHAT, lady? Eat? LOL) on and so forth.

The reason I bought the blouse is because it was cheap and it was something different and it covered my hips (on the sides at least).......never mind the fact that it didn't cover my bust or my stomach and that the only button that buttoned was the one at the neck!

But I wore it ---and even got compliments on it at church. (That's what happens when you wear the SAME OLD THING over and over. You get something new and everyone ooohhhs and aaaaahhhs....not because you look awesome....but because "Look! You are wearing something different!")

Yep. Deny it if you wish, but this is the way I see it.

I posted the pic because I plan to retake my pic in that outfit every 4 weeks until I can button ALL the matter how long it takes.

In other news, I feel like my life is like a kitchen junk drawer that someone has dumped into the middle of the floor and I am painfully picking up each piece one by one and putting it where it belongs.

I still have a lot of stuff in the "floor" of my life.

But I'm working on it.

This is a restructuring time in SO MANY (almost all) aspects of my life.

More about that in another post----it's time for bed! Goodnight! And THANK YOU for reading.


  1. Love the top…the colour does suit you.
    And yes, button by button you will achieve your goal…keep positive.

  2. May the hand of God rest on you and carry you thru the remainder of your journey.

  3. You will get there Amy. Before you know it, that blouse will button all the way up. One thing I always do (from my list) is wear layers of clothes. Layers and Layers lol I guess I think each layer will suck me in a bit.

  4. Amy, you nailed it with that list. I work three days in the office, two days at home. For those three days in the office, I wear two years. Same style of shirt, just different color/pattern. I've been wearing these two shirts three days a week for years now. On very rare occasions, I might brave some other shirt that is in my closest. We're talking maybe once or twice a year. I am humiliated over this fact, but I am sure my co-workers have come to accept it. I am looking forward to seeing your pictures every four weeks. Nice blouse and I'll bet it will button all the way sooner than later. You can do it!

  5. I can completely relate to that list. I think most of the shirts in my closet are ones I wear over a tank top.

  6. Don't forget we avoid sitting in any plastic chairs and will stand all day long if that's all that's available. Glad I found your blog!

  7. I always read your blog...but seldom post a comment (if ever). I think your top looks very nice. Please don't take this like I am a crazy woman- I am a 59 year old grandmother of 7 and mother of 3, one a daughter with three little kids and also a weight problem. I always try to help her with buying her clothing, just as my mother helped me. I have two really nice skirts, they are a size 24- one is blue denim and the other is khaki denim. They have hardly been worn at all. I would gladly send them to you if you think you might be able to wear them. I am tall (5'10) so they are long. I pulled them out of my closet today. My e-mail address is if you are interested. I understand being a young mother and putting yourself last so I always try to help the young mothers at church out...if just by picking their kids up a few pieces of clothing at the thrift store or at a yard sale. Keep on keeping on...eventually we are going to win the weight loss battle!

  8. I have lots of tops to wear - but I wear the same pair of jeans every day until they rip through at the inner thigh seams and then I have to buy a new pair. When I wash them, I wear an old ragged stained pair instead - but not outside the house. I can't wear a skirt or dress any more because my thighs rub together and are agony within minutes of walking.

    In summer I have one pair of long shorts. That's it. That is my wardrobe for my lower half. And it's hard enough to find those, that don't look disgusting.