Monday, May 26, 2014

Seriously. Consistency. Simplicity.

This past weekend I attended Oklahoma TOPS State Recognition Days in Oklahoma City, where they award the best losers from last year and crown a new king and queen. I loved it, as usual. SRD had a pirate theme, and this is my "angry pirate" look. LOL I left srd WANTING TO BE A WINNER. "Next year, I am going to be on that stage as a divisional winner"---I say that pretty much every year and although I've had a lot of success in the past (I'd say 81 pounds is a success!), I've never been a winner. I've never pushed myself hard enough. I've given myself permission to slack off too much. And that makes me angry. I'm angry at ME.

So, tonight I had hubby take my measurements. I want to watch them go down. I'm feeling the "fight". I'm feeling like a bulldog. I'm feeling like an angry pirate. I'm feeling................................DETERMINATION. I'm sick of saying "I will be a winner" and then showing up the next year just to be jealous of the winners.

Consistency is the key. Healthy habits, CONSISTENT healthy habits, are what does it. I know this. I had that season of consistency before dad got sick and before I got pregnant and because of that consistency, I reaped that big 81 pound loss.

I want it back.

I have to ask myself------am I being SERIOUS enough about my health? I have a LOT of things going on. (new baby, terminal dad, TOPS leader, homeschooling, church obligations, etc) But am ****I**** not just as important as these things?

Yes, I am. And I need to start acting like it again.

I know how to be successful.

It has to be simple. If it is too complicated, I won't do it.
Our family has attempted to have family Bible study many times over the years. In our mind, we think we should read a passage, discuss it, do some memorization and have a time of prayer. MOST TIMES we are rushed and the above seems overwhelming so we skip it. However, this month, we started doing something SIMPLE: We read ONE chapter in the book of Proverbs each night with the kids. That's it. It takes 5 minutes, max. It is do-able and so, it gets done.

The same with weight loss. I need to make sure I don't over think things.

Plan my meals ahead of time, putting them in calorie limits. Eat what I planned.

Drink my water.


I've been struggling with the exercise thing because I've been over thinking it and thus, skipping it too much. My new SIMPLE plan is this: In the mornings when the baby wakes up and everyone else is sleeping, put baby in the stroller and go for a walk. If it is raining, do a Leslie Sansone exercise dvd. That sounds pretty simple.

Seriously, Amy, keep it simple and be consistent and you will see great things happen!

On your mark, get set, go!


  1. Amy, I loved your pirate picture :) you look wonderful :) I think your plan is a great one, if you have a pedometer maybe get that back out too :) I know my fitbit really helps me a lot get to stepping more :) You will be a division winner, I'm sure of it :) like I've always said, make the goal in pen and pencil in the date :) Always nice reading your posts, wish I lived closer we for sure go for walks together :) *sending you a hug*

    1. Thank you!!! Did you notice in the pic I am wearing the pin you gave me when I got below 300? :) It is a prized possession!

  2. Love the determination..go girl

  3. You, my friend, have hit it square---SIMPLE.
    Having compassion for ourselves is a very good thing, in reasonable measure. What I get from reading this is, you're in a place where you want the results you know you're capable of achieving---and I'm convinced, as you should be too--that you're unlocking it all, Amy. This is your time, my friend. Love the approach---simple, so very important!!!