Tuesday, December 3, 2013

motivationally constipated

Yeah. I'm motivated. But I'm not moving toward my goals at nearly the speed I would like today. I thought perhaps a few moments of blogging could be the cure.

Do you do this? Do you know what you need to do? And yet, you sit there, feeling overwhelmed and instead DO NOTHING? I have SO MUCH I need to do. There's not really spare time for wasting.

I have dealt a bit with anxiety this morning---realizing that we are at the end of husband's unemployment checks. SOMETHING is going to have to change, probably within the next 2 weeks. And when you are uncertain how that change will play out, it can make you antsy. Finances have really given me fits lately.

My OB doctor wrote a "prescription" for TOPS, with my highest acceptable pregnancy weight. As of yesterday, I was about a pound and a half below that! And I still have 18 weeks til full term. So...yeah. (I have gained 21 pounds in 22 weeks) Pie! errrr.

Ok........enough venting.

Now....how to get this motivational thing unstuck! Here's the plan:
1. Set the timer for 10 minutes and read facebook and weight loss blogs.
2. Brush and braid daughter's hair.
3. Set out (find) clothes for everyone to wear (yep...1 p.m. and the kids are still in jammies)
4. Gather the movies that were due yesterday.
5. Gather the past due library stuff.
6. Exercise dvd (Leslie Sansone)
7. Feed the kids.
8. Do school work until til for daughter's occupational therapy.
9. Take dd to therapy.
10. housework
11. supper then clean kitchen
12 Go to bed early and get some rest!

Thanks for reading my thinking-aloud!


  1. Getting past the first activity each day is my first hurdle. I have learned for me I have to do the worse thing - the thing I dislike the most - first. Usually that is exercise. I hate exercise until I am 10 minutes into it. Then I love it but the first 10 minutes keep me back from the rest of my day. I procrastinate. Exercise is my first thing for a successful day. (I would have written planning my food for the day but I do that the night before).

  2. Yes I struggle with all that too! And I know what you mean about the financial uncertainty. I have to consistently take deep breaths, and keep going. One step at a time.

  3. Write out a list…and cross them off as you achieve them, even for things such as getting dressed in the morning.
    I must do it for myself too…been lazy and not exercising of a morning..A must do for me if I want to achieve a loss.
    Now try to enjoy your pregnancy and yes make sure #12 is achieved often!!