Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I admit I haven't been faithful with blogging and when I do blog, I usually don't take the time to upload pics. And that makes for boring blog reading. I don't read boring blogs and I don't expect anyone else too.

So, according to my stats, this blog is not very popular.

That's ok. Because I didn't start it in an effort to become popular. I started it as a tool to help me lose weight. And that's what it will continue to be.

I have to admit though, that a thought from my childhood came rushing back when I checked my stats: The fat girls are always unpopular.

Blogger, I hate to tell you, but I'm not going to be a fat girl for long. And when I'm popular, and have influence, I'm going to use that power in a good way. For God's glory...and to help people.

Just saying. :)


  1. So, this is unsolicited, and I don't mean to be offensive. But since you were commenting on your lack of popularity...

    I have you in my Google reader but I often skip your posts. And that's simply because only the first couple sentences show up and you have to "click" and go visit your site to see the rest. I follow about 50 blogs and yours is the only one that does this (though a few used to). I know it sounds like a small thing, but it really is a little bit of a pain (the whole advantage of Google Reader is being in one place!) and everything's a little more disruptive.

    If you're looking for a larger audience, it might be something to consider.

  2. I love reading your blog no matter what :)

  3. I love to add pictures to my blog posts, but sometimes I just have something to say--and no picture to go with it.

    I know I prefer to read blogs with pictures, but some people overdo it. Dozens of pictures in a post is more than I need.

    So I try to include pictures at least every few posts. A happy medium!